Homemade pies for business

An unusual solution for your menu. B2B cooperation.
Yield from
Made in
Home bakery
Our mission is to provide for the community home feelings from each product, good quality and lovely service.
  • Consistent quality
    Real homemade pies made according to original family recipes
  • Fair price
    A good competitive price, which makes it possible to get an excellent profit
  • Customer orientation
    Customer service is one of our core principles and lifestyle strategy
What you will get
MAMAJOJOPIE is a home bakery in Jeddah founded by a real Saudi family
Profitable offer
  • Competitive price
  • Yield from 60%
  • Additional discounts
  • Daily deliveries
Honest partnership
  • Different options for cooperation
  • Work on the Win-to-Win principle
  • Transparency and feedback
  • Mutual respect and trust
Taste & Quality
  • Only fresh products
  • We do not use yeast
  • We cook on the day of the order
  • Shelf life up to 5 days
Marketing & Design
  • Individual packaging
  • The possibility of takeaway sales
  • Seasonal promotional offers
  • Local marketing advices

Good offer for successful cooperation!

Our products
We offer different product range depending on your goals and preferences of your customers
Apple Pie
Apple Pie

Standard 24 cm;
Mini 15 cm
Berry Kiss
Berry Pie

Standard 24 cm;
Mini 15 cm
Apple Cookies
Apple Cookies

Size 5-7 cm
12 cookies

Chocolate Cookies
Chocolate Cookies

Size 5-7 cm
12 cookies

Baby Berry Kisses
Berry Mini cakes

Size 3 cm
12 baby cakes

Creamy Passion
Cheesecake with dates

Portion 90 g
12 pieces

Saudi Coffee
Saudi Coffee

Pack 500 g
4 types of Saudi coffee

Who is our offer for?
If you have your own café, hotel or even office, our offer will be a good alternative to the standard assortment of cakes and pastries.

We are ready to cooperate.
Cooperation options
  • Indoor sales
  • Take away sales
  • Assortment for buffet (breakfast/lunch/dinner)
  • Sales in a local café
  • Sweets and coffee for meetings/negotiations
  • Assortment for shared snacks
  • Assortment for company celebrations
  • Assortment for the welcome zone
  • Sweets and coffee during breaks
  • Constant tables serving
Corporate gifts
  • Sweets and coffee gifts for employees/partners/customers
  • Weddings, field holidays
  • Buffet assortment
  • Sweet gifts for guests
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